When Foreign Friends Explore Longgang City Walk, Their "Social Circles" Shine

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"100 City Experience Officers Explore Longgang"opening ceremony Photograph provided by Longgang Municipal publicity department

Engaging in conversations about the future in the Youth Ideal Land, showcasing their creativity by skipping rope with students from Longgang Fourth Primary School, learning dragon dance with students from Longgang Fourth Middle School, and savoring the slow-paced lifestyle in the"treasure" countryside, foreign friends immerse themselves in a truly immersive experience of the city's happy life at Longgang City Walk in Zhejiang.

Heading south from Wenzhou, you arrive at Longgang, the only town-turned-city in China. What sparks will foreign friends ignite when they collide with Longgang?

On November 25th, organized by the Publicity and United Front Work Department of the Longgang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and co-hosted by China Net Wenzhou, Wenzhou Medical University International Education College, Wenzhou News Client, and Longgang Media Converged Center, the launch ceremony of the"100 City Experience Officers Explore Longgang" event, featured a vibrant array of activities as foreign friends from 11 countries, including Spain, Tajikistan, and Yemen, visited Jiulong River Community, Abacus Museum, Huazhong Community, Youth Ideal Land in Moon Lake Park, Longgang Fourth Primary School, Chengguan Community Health Service Center, and Longgang Cultural Center, exploring the beauty of Longgang's countryside, its innovative vitality, and its historical charm.

Foreign friends amazed by the"Cultural Capital"

Longgang, a young city, becomes a hub for sharing dreams and discussing the future in the serene and picturesque Youth Ideal Land by Moon Lake. When a young city meets young people, youthfulness gives birth to boundless hope. To this end, Longgang has created a series of youth-oriented cultural and tourism concepts under the theme of the"Youth Ideal Land", empowering young people, including foreign nationals, to express their values, fulfill their roles, and foster their growth in this city.

Despite being hailed as one of the youngest cities in Zhejiang, Longgang has not lost its profound historical heritage. On the contrary, it deepens the continuous cultural memories of this land, spanning thousands of years.

In just one day, foreign friends could feel the rich historical heritage of Longgang. At the Longgang Cultural Center, they experienced various presentations, such as scene models, holographic multimedia, and a 360° echo wall, to learn about the significant historical figures, events, and artifacts that shaped Longgang over the past millennium, from the Three Kingdoms period to its transition from a town to a city.

One city, one museum, and one spectacular experience. In the Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum, they had close encounters with exquisite artworks such as rice sculptures and Jiazhu lacquerware, showcasing the ingenuity of Chinese laborers. They also enjoyed the visual and auditory feast brought by Wenzhou drumming, Wenzhou nursery rhymes, and Yue Opera."Chinese culture has a long and glorious history, and Longgang also boasts such splendid culture. It's truly breathtaking!" exclaimed Ergashev Akmal.

Longgang is a city where culture blends harmoniously. At the Cultural Center, one can feel the tranquility and deep historical significance. On the other hand, at Longgang Fourth Primary School, the energy of youth is palpable.

Cross-jumping, crisscrossing ropes, and fancy rope techniques... The students from Longgang Fourth Primary School earned enthusiastic applause from foreign friends for their joyful and skillful rope skipping. Meanwhile, the students from Longgang No. 4 Middle School demonstrated their agility and coordination, vividly portraying the various forms of dragons with their synchronized movements, drum beats, and expressions.

The foreign guests experience the dragon dance Photograph provided by Longgang Municipal publicity department

"Amazing! We didn't expect such creativity in dragon dance and rope skipping." The foreign friends marveled, and then sought guidance from the local students to learn the secrets of dragon dance. With the help of the students, the foreign friends formed their own dragon dance team. To the powerful rhythm of the drums, they dashed forward, each swing creating a different posture – somersaults, jumps, and chases. They also shared oral health knowledge with the students, providing close protection for their dental health.

Here, the cultures of various countries intermingle and coexist. Vivid historical memories and cultural stories are emerging from the land of Longgang, attracting countless local and international visitors who seek the beauty of poetry and distant horizons.

"City Experience Officers" Present Longgang to the World.

"Although I have lived in Wenzhou for a long time, this is my first exploration of so many places in Longgang!" wrote by Adama Hamamat on Facebook.

The meandering and winding Jiulong River, resembling a dancing dragon with its nine bends, enriches the countryside with vibrant colors. In this picturesque and harmonious countryside, a group of foreign friends watched the shadow puppetry performance with rapt attention."This is simply amazing! With just a small piece of paper and two sticks, we can witness such an interesting performance", exclaimed by Kangberee Jonas, marveling at the vivid and lively show.

The foreign guests experience shadow puppetry Photograph provided by Longgang Municipal publicity department

After the performance, the foreign friends couldn't wait to experience the joy of shadow puppetry themselves. With the guidance of the teachers, they began manipulating the shadow figures, learning the art of performance with enthusiasm, and experiencing the joy of being a shadow puppetry performer.

One shadow puppetry performance delighted the foreign friends, and the next experience at the Abacus Museum proved to be equally fascinating.

Clearing the beads, setting the frame, and moving the beads swiftly... Foreign friends from Cameroon were amazed to see thousands of numbers being added and subtracted rapidly on the small abacus. With guidance from professional teachers, the foreign friends tried their hand at simple addition and subtraction calculations by manipulating the abacus, marveling at the vast world that their fingertips could uncover.

The foreign guests experience art of abacus Photograph provided by Longgang Municipal publicity department

Next, the foreign friends entered Huazhong Community, where they were greeted by the orderly Huizhou-style dwellings, flowing streams, and leisurely walking trails. They couldn't resist capturing the moments with their smartphones, as every place they visited felt like a picturesque future countryside."It's my first time tasting fried rice and fish cakes, and they are delicious. The flavors of Longgang are amazing. I'm excited to bring them back to share with my friends!" exclaimed Regina Chizi Tunje while enjoying local snacks by the riverside.

When the foreign friends visited the Chengguan Community Health Service Center, they had the opportunity to observe special Chinese pediatric therapies up close, gaining insights into traditional Chinese medicine culture."Acupuncture and massage in traditional Chinese medicine are fascinating to me. It's magical how they can heal with just a few techniques", expressed by foreign friend De Quesada Tey Monica.

It is worth noting that the Chengguan Community Health Service Center is Longgang's first integrated children's health management center, incorporating medical care, prevention, and protection. With careful consideration of the needs of children and parents in its environmental design, the center integrates a sense of childhood joy into every corner, incorporating vibrant colors and eye-catching signage. It provides comprehensive services for children aged 0-6, including immunization, pediatric healthcare, pediatric medical care, and interactive parenting programs, all in one convenient location.

The beautiful scenery, delightful experiences, and captivating stories of Longgang left foreign friends yearning for more."Longgang offers good snacks, fun activities, and beautiful surroundings. We are delighted to learn so much about Longgang's stories, and I want to continue learning more about Chinese culture," said by Ritah Kebatho Kgosietsile.

As the evening fell, the lights shimmered at the Longgang Cultural Center. Here, 15 foreign friends were appointed as Longgang's"Overseas Communication Officers". On this day, they will promote Longgang's cuisine, scenery, historical charm, and urban style to the world, making traditional Chinese culture come alive and gaining countless overseas followers.

Simultaneously, the"Discover Longgang" overseas communication brand was unveiled, signifying Longgang's efforts to integrate overseas resources, stimulate the enthusiasm of diverse communication entities, and strengthen international communication capabilities. Through the overseas communication brand, Longgang aims to attract international friends and overseas Chinese to share the stories of Longgang and convey the"voice of China" to the world.

When the representative, Akmo, received the flag, it marked the official launch of the"100 City Experience Officers Explore Longgang" event in 2023. Through this event, the city experience officers will immerse themselves in the life of Longgang, experiencing the new developments, changes, and atmosphere of this"City of Reform". They will explore the city's beauty and warmth, capturing the stories behind every scenic spot, showcasing the unique charm of Longgang to the world.

Several city experience officers have formed a special bond with Longgang. Here, with diverse cultures exchange and blend, an open, inclusive, and diverse Longgang is moving forward to the world...(ZhongXin