Discover Longgang: The Youth Ideals Land

时间:2023-12-01 16:43:44 来源 : DiscoverWenzhou 作者 : ZhongXin

Today,Wenzhou Longgang Yuehu Park welcomed a group of foreign guests.They are Longgang experience and Overseas Broadcasting officers.

They enjoy leisure time in Yuehu Park and Visit camping facilities and discuss youth ideals.The YuehuPark is mainly divided into three areas,including city campsites, outdoor sports lawns docks and water parks which can meet the diverse entertainment needs of citizens.

In addition to fast-paced urban life, experience nature to the fullest here and experience a brand new city camping experience. Longgang Yuehu Park has become the most ideal choice for young people's camping gatherings and conversations. the arrival of foreign youth has added a touch of international color.(ZhongXin)