Discovering Longgang in a trip

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Longgang is a city with youthful energy. Following their visits and experiences in Longgang, these"City Experience Officers" have shared their firsthand impressions. We have collected and published some article from them and encourage the"City Experience Officers" to continue submit articles.

I have been in China specifically in Wenzhou City since 2014, I went back to my country in 2019 and then came back to China in 2023. Together with other students had the opportunity to explore Longgang City on November 25, 2023, I am very happy to share my trip to Longgang City. 

First here is a small history of Longgang. Located on the southern coast of Wenzhou, adjacent to the East China Sea. It is situated on the southern bank of the Aojiang River estuary, one of the eight major water systems in Zhejiang Province. Longgang is at the intersection of the Yangtze River Delta and the Haixi Economic Zone, two key national strategic areas. The city is blessed with abundant aquatic resources and intangible cultural heritage. Longgang was established as a town in October 1983. It has undergone three historic transformations: from a small fishing village to an agricultural town, from an agricultural town to an industrial city, and from an industrial city to a county-level city.

Longgang is currently the only county-level city in China that has implemented a"large division system" and"flattened management" administrative reform.

In the morning, we visited the Jiulong River Community to watch shadow puppetry and learn how it is done. We also saw some ancient art drawn on animal skin. Afterward, we visited the Abacus Museum, where we experienced and learned how to use the abacus to count and calculate. I enjoyed this because I now know how to use the abacus thanks to this experience. We got the chance to see the abacus in many sizes and shapes.

Playing games in Abcus Museum. Photograph provided by DiscoverWenzhou

After that, we went to the Huazhong Community to visit the agricultural brand"Gangwei Renxian," taste local snacks, take a boat tour, and explore the Dream Jiangnan Ecological Agriculture. We enjoyed the children's playground and also enjoyed the Huazhong Community coffee.

At noon we had lunch at Huayang Jiangnan, where we ate a lot of dishes especially seafood and Later had a relaxing afternoon at the Youth Ideal Land, where we could enjoy the ideal salon talk about our view on before and after coming to China. 

Having lunch at Huayang Jiangnan. Photograph provided by DiscoverWenzhou

Later, we visited Longgang Fourth Primary School to watch rope skipping and dragon dancing. I had so much fun with this amazing kids after they gave wonderful performances.

Rope skipping with students. Photograph provided by DiscoverWenzhou

Afterward we visited the Longgang City Community Health Service Center to see the city's first integrated child health management center that focuses on"medical, prevention, and care." The health facility is good and the staff members are very welcoming. The traditional Chinese medicine there is good. I had the chance to enjoy the cupping acupuncture therapy for pain relief.

After that, we went to Longgang City Cultural Center, where we had the launch ceremony of the"Experience Longgang with a Hundred Ambassadors" event and the"Foreign Friends Visit Longgang" activity. We also had the opportunity to explore the speedy development history of Longgang as well as its cultural heritage.

Lastly, in the evening, we had dinner at Chengda Hotel, where an awards ceremony took place, and posted the trip on overseas social media.

Longgang is such a beautiful city, from the agricultural area to the development it's such an outstanding achievement. My experience in Longgang was educative and fun which I will love to share with the world.

Ntentie Mfouapon Epse Kuete Eve Graciella. Photograph provided by DiscoverWenzhou

Ntentie Mfouapon Epse Kuete Eve Graciella, Cameroonian studying Ophthalmology at Wenzhou Medical University. I love to discover and learn about new thing and places.