WMU's "Light of Life" Wins National Gold Award

时间:2024-06-12 15:58:21 来源 : wenzhou.gov 作者 : ZhongXin

Recently, the first National Red Cross Volunteer Service Project Competition was held. Wenzhou Medical University (WMU)'s"Light of Life", an organ donation public welfare service project, won the national gold award, being the only university team awarded in Zhejiang Province.

Across the nation, the Red Cross system has a total of 2.93 million volunteers and 28,000 voluntary service organizations. The competition, themed"Life Education:'Rescue' Around You,'Donation' in Action," covered projects related to Healthy China, Rural Revitalization, Community Service, and Elderly Care. Wenzhou Medical University's"Light of Life" stood out among many voluntary service projects with its innovative initiatives in bolstering public awareness of organ donaiton.

The competition venue. Photograph provided by wenzhou.gov

Established in 2014,"Light of Life" Organ Donation Public Promotion Center, is the first team of this kind in China, mainly composed of medical students. By"focusing on youth, influencing families, and impacting society," the team aims to enhance public wareness, acceptance, and willingness for organ donation through artistic dissemination. Their efforts have led to the inclusion of organ donation knowledge in the local textbooks of Zhejiang Province's middle schools under the section of"People, Nature, Society." They have also created public service programs like"One Person Team" and an animated series called"Yesha Planetary System," which have been broadcast nationwide, touching millions of people.

In 2019, a proposal put forth by the"Light of Life" Organ Donation Volunteer Service Center to include a marker of organ donation volunteer in electronic health insurance cards became a reality. 240 volunteers who signed organ donation forms became the first batch of citizens in the nation to have a marker displayed on their electronic health insurance cards. As of now, 10,269 organ donation volunteers in Wenzhou City have a blue-red"Organ Donation Exclusive" heart-shaped icon displayed on their electronic health insurance cards.

"Without organ donation, there would be no organ transplants.'Light of Life' hopes to do its utmost to promote the healthy development of human organ donation work," said the relevant person in charge of"Light of Life" team.(ZhongXin)