The Dendrobium industry chain in Yueqing benefits 50,000 people

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On April 29, the“Dendrobium Blossom - Zhijiang Unity Economic Roundtable” took place in Yueqing. The meeting was centered on the efficient utilization of the Dendrobium resources and the innovative development of rural governance, intending to invigorate Wenzhou’s emerging agricultural industry and expedite the establishment of a new industry integration and development pattern of“upgrading the primary industry, concentrating on the secondary industry, and expanding the tertiary industry”.

“Dendrobium Blossom - Zhijiang Unity Economic Roundtable”. Photograph provided by

In recent years, with the focus on the development of the biological health industry, Wenzhou is committed to the branding and industrial upgrading of the Dendrobium. As of now, the Dendrobium industry chain in Yueqing has achieved an output value of 3.8 billion yuan, and has developed more than 100 kinds of products, forming a Dendrobium industry chain integrating seedling cultivation, planting, processing, sales, culture and tourism, and benefiting more than 50,000 people. In November of last year, Dendrobium was successfully included in the“food and drug substances” catalog, which brought new opportunities for the development of the Dendrobium industry in Yueqing.

The“Dendrobium Blossom - Zhijiang Unity Economic Roundtable” is an event spearheaded by the United Front Work Department of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee. During the meeting, the participants visited Dendrobium-related industrial projects such as Tiefengtang Health Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Dendrobium Planting Shed for Shared Prosperity in Pingyuan Village, Tieding Liuliu Dendrobium Forest in Xiashantou Village, Dajing Town, etc.. They gained insights into the Dendrobium planting and processing technology, and conducted in-depth discussions around the topics of green economy, innovation drive, and industrial upgrading, which provided valuable ideas and guidance for the high-quality development of the Dendrobium industry inYueqing.

To further leverage Yueqing’s united front resources, the city appointed 16 experts at the economic roundtable as“Think Tank Experts for the Development of Yandang Mountain Dendrobium Industry in Yueqing”. Additionally, thanks to its effort, Yueqing Rural Commercial Bank agreed to grant a credit of 2 billion yuan to the Yueqing Dendrobium Industry Association. This maneuver kick-started the initiative of“Unified Effort for Shared Prosperity in Yandang Mountain Dendrobium Industry”, which aims to bolster the Dendrobium industry by making it larger, stronger, and more sustainable, thereby fully harnessing the driving effect of“the Dendrobium promoting prosperity in a region”.(ZhongXin)