Wenzhou’s IPR Service Park, first in Zhejiang, opens

时间:2024-05-14 15:10:53 来源 : wenzhou.gov 作者 : ZhongXin

A few days ago, the Wenzhou Intellectual Property Comprehensive Service Industry Park (WIPSP),first of its kind in Zhejiang, opened. It aims to build a one-stop IPR service hub, and to help foster new quality productive forces.

IPR Service Center. Photograph provided by wenzhou.gov

According to reports, the park is purposed to promote the construction of a system offering innovative,distinctive,targeted,in-depth and user-friendly IPR services,in both public and commercialized ways. The park will attract high-end platforms,such as the National Patent Navigation Service Base, the National Small and Medium-sized Enterprise IPR Training (Wenzhou) Base, and the World Intellectual Property Organization Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC),to settle in it. The park will integrate innovative mapping, patent navigation, specialized training, patent pre-examination, trademark registration, and others so as to meet the needs of market entities for public services, strengthen the leading role of the IPR in high-quality development, and improve the increment and quality of the intellectual property market. It will also strive to have"fully-functional" departments settled in the park, complete a user’s all needed services at one office building, and render"total-factors" services.

In addition, IPR service windows, information center, and protection and its defending aid agencies, as well as related notary offices, courts, and arbitration institutions are to be introduced to achieve centralized handling of IPR application, registration, protection, defending and utilization, with online and offline services coordinated. On the other side, the park will improve intelligent public services of IPR information.

A leader of the Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau stated that the WIPSP is a sample project for building Wenzhou into a demonstration city for constructing a nationwide-strong city through developing IPR. To meet the needs of innovation entities for IPR services, Wenzhou will offer preferential policies for them to create a comprehensive IPR service hub with rich business forms, reasonable layout, standardized operations, and quality services. The park will guild its work with the concept of"relying on industrial agglomeration, and serving industrial development and upgrading". It will promote the in-depth integration of IPR services with advanced industries, strengthen the aggregation of platforms, talents, projects, and other elements, as well as establish and improve diversified cooperation mechanisms for IPR services at multi-levels and in multi-domains.

At the same time, it will further promote the synergy of IPR creation, utilization, protection, management, and services, forming an IPR system with complementary upstream and downstream advantages, coordinated development of multiple business formats, and a reasonable regional layout.

In recent years, Wenzhou has fully implemented the strategy of building a strong city through developing IPR, and has won a number of national honors and pilot projects. Among the honors and projects are the demonstration city in constructing a nationwide-strong city through developing IPR, the national copyright demonstration city, the national pilot city for the protection of trade secrets, and the national pilot area for swift handling of IPR disputes. The city has continuously implemented projects for revitalizing an enterprise through developing IPR, boasting accumulated 71 IPR demonstration enterprises in Zhejiang Province and 98 national IPR demonstration enterprises. What the city has done in carrying forward IPR promoted collaborative innovation between governments, industries, education, research, and application. Furthermore, the city has taken the lead in exploring the pre-open patent licensing model nationwide.(ZhongXin)