Cangnan Builds Ten Sports Bases

时间:2024-05-17 15:44:02 来源 : 作者 : ZhongXin

Mountaineering and cross-country running, cycling along the coast, sea surfing... During the just passed five-day Labor Day holiday, Cangnan scenic spots such as Yucang Mountain Scenic Area and 168 Golden Coast have become sports resorts for a group of outdoor sports enthusiasts. In order to further amplify its sports attraction, Cangnan is currently building ten sports bases, accelerating the rise of a“sports city”, and unlocking new ways of national fitness going up the mountain and to the sea.

168 Golden Coast. Photograph from net

In March of this year, Cangnan put forward a plan, which proposed by 2026 to establish 10 sports bases, utilizing urban vacant land to construct and renovate 200 sports venues. It aims to foster 10 large-scale sports events and host over 100 diverse sports events annually with more than 30 sports reserve talents are nurtured. All these contribute to the creation of a new sports city landscape that is collaboratively built by the entire region, integrated across industries, usable all the time, and shared by all.

The ten sports bases serve as the pivotal platforms for Cangnan to facilitate the rapid emergence of a“sports city” through the comprehensive development of venues and facilities. The ten sports bases, including a large-scale comprehensive stadium, a multifunctional sports complex in the sports center, Wuqian Gymnasium, Yucang Mountain Mountaineering Footpath, a water sports center, one hundred-mile sea cycling track, are built according to full field survey. The cumulative investment in them exceeds 1 billion yuan.

Yucang Mountain. Photograph from net

The Yucang Mountain Mountaineering Footpath is the earliest base among the ten, having been launched and used. Commencing at the Dayucang Mountain Tourism Distribution Center and terminating there as well, it traverses scenic spots such as Qiaodun Reservoir, Yucang Mountain Scenic Area, and Wanyao Ancient Village, spanning a total length of 50 kilometers. According to Chen Shangjun, director of the Sports Development Center at the Cangnan County Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, YUCANG ULTRA TRAIL, a mountaineering and cross-country race, is scheduled to commence soon on May 19. To make the race a successful one, this year in March, efforts to clean up the footpath and install signage were initiated, while preserving the original ecology.“We hope this race could make a name for the footpath, turning it into a sports base that encourages public participation and national fitness.” said Chen.

To this end, Chen and his colleagues divided the footpath into eight sections based on difficulty, enabling the general public to select the optimal mountaineering route based on various needs, ranging from parent-child tours to professional mountaineering expeditions. Currently, the first phase of the mountaineering footpath construction is largely completed. Following the upcoming race on May 19, Cangnan will also start the construction of supporting facilities, including rest stops, camping areas, and safety and rescue facilities, aiming to establish a natural, safe, and environmentally friendly mountaineering and fitness footpath by the end of this year.

Thanks to the tourism IP influence of Cangnan 168 Golden Coast, the one hundred-mile sea cycling track is anticipated to become a top check-in destination among the ten sports bases.“This is my third visit to Cangnan 168 Golden Coast for cycling. Here, we are far removed from the urban concrete jungle, and we can embrace the sea breeze and feel the sense of freedom.” said Dong, a motorcycle cycling enthusiast from downtown Wenzhou. He revisited the 168 Golden Coast during the Labor Day Holiday, marveling at the breathtaking scenery along the way.

Chen said that to establish the 168 Sea Ring Highway as a“must-visit destination” for road runners, cyclists, and motorcycle cycling enthusiasts, Cangnan will undertake micro-renovations and fine-tuning of the highway. What’s more, Cangnan is planing to organize more running events such as coast happy running and parent-child happy running, along with specialized events like the 168 Golden Coast bike cycling and motorcycle cycling carnivals.(ZhongXin)