6th Natural Gas Geoscience Forum held in Wenzhou

时间:2024-05-28 16:31:28 来源 : wenzhou.gov 作者 : ZhongXin

Energy is the foundation and driving force of human civilization’s progress, and natural gas plays a crucial supporting role in constructing a new energy system and achieving the“dual carbon” goals. On May 19, the Sixth Natural Gas Geoscience Forum opened in Rui’an, Wenzhou. Over 200 experts, scholars, and industry representatives from more than 60 institutions, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences, PetroChina, and various universities, gathered to discuss cutting-edge research in natural gas and plan for the promising future of the natural gas industry.

Dai Jinxing. Photograph provided by wenzhou.gov

The Natural Gas Geoscience Forum, initiated by Dai Jinxing, a Rui’an native, CAS academician, natural gas geologist and geochemist, along with other scholars, is held biennially, aiming to provide a free and dynamic communication platform and an academic atmosphere for the development of the natural gas industry. It promotes innovation in China’s natural gas geology and geochemistry and the high-quality development of the natural gas industry. During the three-day forum, 40 experts and scholars will present academic reports on the theme of“basic research on natural gas and promoting the construction of a major gas-producing country”.

“During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the country’s natural gas industry will experience significant growth, with annual gas production expected to reach 250 billion cubic meters by 2025,” said Academician Dai, who is committed to working with everyone to boost China’s annual gas production to 300 billion cubic meters by 2030, ensuring national energy security and facilitating the achievement of China’s“dual carbon” goals.

Currently, China is at a critical juncture in accelerating the promotion of its“dual carbon” strategy. Hosting this year’s Forum in Rui’an will strongly promote the development of clean energy and the green and low-carbon transformation of the economy and society.

In recent years, Rui’an has focused on energy supply security and the“dual carbon” goals to optimize the structure, strengthen guarantees and promote transformation of industries. The proportion of natural gas and renewable energy consumption has been steadily increasing, with an average annual growth rate of 120% in natural gas utilization over the past three years. Infrastructure such as the Rui’an sections of the Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou natural gas pipeline and the refined oil pipeline have been completed, and the Jiangbeimen Natural Gas Station has been put into operation. The city is advancing the construction of the provincial low-carbon pilot county-level city and the provincial pollution reduction and carbon reduction coordination pilot county-level city, with its energy consumption per unit of GDP decreasing year by year.

Looking ahead, Rui’an will focus on reducing carbon emissions through the utilization of natural gas to promote natural gas as a key energy supplier, striving to become a demonstration county-level city for green and low-carbon development; fostering industries with the utilization of natural gas to seize the opportunity of building a trillion-yuan oil and gas industrial chain in Zhejiang, establishing a hub for the clean energy industry; and attracting talents by the utilization of natural gas to regularly host high-level academic exchange activities and attract research institutions and high-end talents in the oil and gas field, creating a favorable environment for the implementation and promotion of natural gas technological achievements in Rui’an. (ZhongXin)