Wonderful Longgang Trip experience

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Longgang is a city with youthful energy. Following their visits and experiences in Longgang, these "City Experience Officers" have shared their firsthand impressions. We have collected and published some article from them and encourage the "City Experience Officers" to continue submit articles.

On November 25, 2023, I had the opportunity to explore Longgang city with some of my colleagues.“Jīntiān,” I am very excited to share with you my recent trip to Longgang city the South coast. Longgang is located on the southern coast of Wenzhou, adjacent to the East China Sea. It is situated on the southern bank of the Aojiang River estuary, one of the eight major water systems in Zhejiang Province. Longgang is at the intersection of the Yangtze River Delta and the Haixi Economic Zone, two key national strategic areas. 

The city is blessed with abundant aquatic resources and intangible cultural heritage. Longgang was established as a town in October 1983. It has undergone three historic transformations: from a small fishing village to an agricultural town, from an agricultural town to an industrial city, and from an industrial city to a county-level city. Longgang is currently the only county-level city in China that has implemented a"large division system" and"flattened management.”

Following our trip to Longgang city, we visited a school, Longgang No.4 Primary School. We witnessed amazing activities. Students played some traditional instruments very well. Each instrument had its own unique sound and playing style, filling the air with beautiful melodies. It being the first time of listening to these instruments being played was a truly captivating experience. 

Longgang No.4 Primary School. Potograph provide by DiscoverWenzhou

I experienced Longgang’s puppetry which was absolutely amazing. I realized they were known for their rich puppetry tradition that goes back centuries. I got the opportunity to hold one, a crafted piece of paper with sticks at the end to move them. It was all magical, having to think of the skillful manipulation of the puppet in the world of storytelling. Witnessing the puppeteers bring these characters to life through intricate moment and gestures.

I got the opportunity to visit Abacus Museum in Longgang JiuLong Community along the group. The museum showcases the rich history and significance of the abacus in Chinese culture. We explored the various types of abacus used throughout history and learnt about their mathematical applications. I even tried my hand at using one. It was a unique opportunity to dive into the ancient art of calculations and gained a deeper appreciation of the critical role the abacus played in Chinese society. We visited Yuehu Park which was a breathtaking beauty with tranquil atmosphere. Surrounded by picturesque scenery. 

The Youth Ideal Land in Yuehu Park. Photograph provided by DiscoverWenzhou

I experienced a dragon dance performance made by students. It was such an energetic tradition in Chinese culture. Watching them skillfully control the dragon with their synchronised movements and colorful costumes was truly mesmerizing. The rhythm of the drums and cymbals, combined with the dragon’s undulating motions, created an electrifying atmosphere.It was such a wonderful display of team work, coordination, and cultural pride. 

Furthermore, we also had the opportunity to dine at ChengHua Community with some important people as we had great conversations. The stores in community was absolutely stunning,with elegant décor, and impeccable service. The cuisine was out of this world. I had achance to try their perfectly prepared noodles which had a delightful texture andalso their soup which was light and flavorful. The attention to detail and quality ofthe ingredients made a memorable dining experience.

Lunch in ChengHua Community. Photograph provide by DiscoverWenzhou

Longgang has the mix of beautiful natural scenery and cultural attraction with breathtaking formation. I could not help but notice the value of youth in this city. I could vitality of young city but also the deep memory of thousands of years of history and culture of this land. My experience was nothing short of extraordinary. It all captivated my heart and I cannot wait to explore more of this incredible country in the future.  (Adama Hamamat)

Adama Hamamat. Photograph provided by DiscoverWenzhou

Adama Hamamat, a student of Wenzhou Medical University, MBBS2023. She was born in a small town in Ghana.She is passionate and driven individual with a love for learning, exploring, and creating.Overall, she is friendly and a person who loves meeting new people and learning about different cultures.She is excited to see what the future holds and am always open to new experiences and adventures.