The 2024 New Year Lantern Festival Illuminates Yueqing City

时间:2024-01-03 16:16:50 来源 : DiscoverWenzhou 作者 : ZhongXin

During the New Year festivities, Yueqing was aglow with the 2024 New Year Lantern Festival. Stretching along the 2-kilometer-long Dongyun River in the city center, the radiant light exhibition, themed "Enchanting City, Happy Yueqing", once again lit up the night sky.

The 2024 Yueqing New Year Lantern Festival.Photograph provided by Wenzhou News

This year's New Year Lantern Festival showcases 58 sets of lanterns. The largest exhibit,"Enchanting City, Phoenix Soaring", spanning 75 meters, revolves around the "unique county-level industry cluster" and extends its wings: on the left, "intercity rail" and "Yandang Mountain", while on the right, "farming, fishing, and aquaculture","fruitful farming", and"prosperous herb cultivation". A phoenix soars overhead, symbolizing the city's livability and flourishing industries, rising against the wind. Additionally, the main gate lantern,"Green for a Thousand Years, Vast Mountains and Seas", vividly depicts Yueqing's abundant ecological resources, symbolizing the city's extensive space and limitless potential for future development. The "Resounding Yueqing" lantern integrates melodious notes, blending with the night, and"Yueqing's Golden Name Card" artfully suspends Yueqing's achievements like fruits on a tree.The magnificent New Year Lantern Festival comprehensively showcases Yueqing's outstanding and ongoing accomplishments from diverse perspectives.

It is reported that this year's New Year Lantern Festival spans from Dongyun River Wetland Park (the main venue) to adjacent roads, divided into three functional areas: A, B, and C. The festival will take place from January 1, 2024, to February 25, 2024, covering 60 days.

In area C, on the lawn, the New Year's 2024 "Enchanting Yueqing, Brilliant Lights" New Year's Eve concert commenced with the popular folk melody "Splendid Chinese Music". In the newly introduced artistic performance segment of the New Year Lantern Festival, aside from the New Year's Eve concert, the 2024 Spring Festival Gala, and the Lantern Festival music show, there will be a total of 60 "Our Village Evening" cultural performances organized by various townships, streets, institutions, and groups, presented nightly to provide citizens with an exceptional and distinctively Yueqing cultural feast while enjoying the"enchanting" lantern exhibition.

This year's New Year Lantern Festival reportedly centers around the three major themes of "intoxication, excitement, and hope", incorporating numerous elements such as poetry interaction, tea ceremonies, concerts, evening gatherings, intangible cultural heritage, folk traditions, delicacies, and New Year goods, allowing the public to relish the lanterns amidst food, festivities, and a joyful and peaceful Spring Festival. (ZhongXin)