Discovering Longgang: a city of great potential

时间:2024-01-08 15:36:19 来源 : DiscoverWenzhou 作者 : Kangberee Jonas

The trip to Longgang was one of great promise and surprise-packed. Upon receiving the invitation to go on the trip, I was both excited and surprised. Excited that finally, I will have the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of Wenzhou to a serene environment and a city brimming with great promise. My surprise sprang from how well organized and coordinated such mini trip was planned. This gave me a sense of great expectation and an arousal of the“I can't wait feeling”

The "Discover Longgang" Trip group photo. Photograph provided by DiscoverWenzhou

 And indeed, my experience at Longgang did not fall short of my expectations. The resounding welcome we received from our host after a smooth one hour ride, created a deep impression of how warm and welcoming the natives of the small city are, making us more open to building friendship  

At the abacus museum, I was amazed by the forms of technology that were adopted in historic times for the pursuit of math and calculation. This made apparent to me the investment of effort and the cultivation of intellect among the Longgang people.

Learning abacus. Photograph provided by DiscoverWenzhou

 The stop by at Longgang No.4 Primary School was the stunner of our trip. It was exhilarating to watch the display of multiple talents and civility by the kids. This was a clear depiction of investment in the education of children, and a strong indication of a formidable human resource for the city in the nearest future. 

At the Longgang Chengguan Community Healthcare Center, it was inspiring to see the successful integration of TCM and western medicine to provide inhabitants with quality healthcare,most especially children. 

To conclude, It is worth mentioning that the above social, historic, and cultural advantages of Longgang, coupled with the leisure potential at its youth ideal park, as well as its delicious cuisines, all position the City to becoming a major center for tourism. Longgang awaits you too, be part of the discovery of its great potential.(Kangberee Jonas)

Kangberee Jonas. Photograph provided by DiscoverWenzhou


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