Discover Longgang: My Impression of Longgang

时间:2024-01-16 16:30:56 来源 : DiscoverWenzhou 作者 : Suphamat Wanitsriphinyo

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Longgang is a city with youthful energy. Following their visits and experiences in Longgang, these"City Experience Officers" have shared their firsthand impressions. We have collected and published some article from them and encourage the"City Experience Officers" to continue submit articles.

I had no prior knowledge of what Longgang was like, but it sounded like a naturally beautiful place. This marked my inaugural visit to Longgang. Not only is it naturally captivating with splendid weather, but it also provides opportunities to immerse oneself in Chinese culture and history. The locale boasts numerous delectable local dishes and desserts, and its inhabitants are exceedingly welcoming and hospitable to foreigners. My time in Longgang has indelibly imprinted lasting memories and furnished me with invaluable experiences. Despite not being a metropolis, Longgang exudes a comforting warmth owing to its smaller size.

Shadow Puppet Art Museum in JiuLonghu Community

Chinese shadow puppets come in a variety of captivating shapes and colors. Some are reminiscent of Thailand, adding an intriguing twist to the art of shadow puppetry when compared to its Thai counterpart. I was also fortunate to try my hand at shadow puppetry, a skill that demanded considerable practice.

Shadow Peppetry Museum. Photograph provided by DiscoverWenzhou

 Abacus Museum in JiuLonghu Community

Here, I not only acquired proficiency in using the abacus for calculations, but also marveled at the diverse shapes of Chinese abacuses, each bearing its own significance. Prior to this, I had only encountered standard abacuses and was unaware of the other captivating and meaningful types. It was an enlightening experience.

learning abcus in Abcus Museum. Photograph provide by DiscoverWenzhou

Chengguan Community Healthcare Center Center

The exceptional quality of the hospital in Longgang took me by surprise. In addition to the Western medicine department, there is also a traditional Chinese medicine department, along with activities for children and information about children's nutrition. Here, I gained insight into traditional Chinese medicine culture, observing firsthand how it is applied in patient care. This experience holds immense value for me as I came to China to study traditional Chinese medicine. Witnessing the treatment of patients, particularly children, by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners is a rare opportunity.

Chengguan Community Healthcare Center.Photograph provided by DiscoverWenzhou

We visited the Longgang City Cultural Center, which provides informative insights into China, prominent figures in Chinese history, and the developmental history of Longgang. This visit significantly enriched my understanding of Chinese history. Subsequently, we visited the Fourth Primary School of Longgang City. I was struck by the excellence of education in China. The students here are not only proficient in English but also possess various talents, and exude liveliness and cheerfulness. I also had the opportunity to join the students in skipping rope, witness dragon dances, and enjoy musical performances.

At Youth Ideal Land (Yuehu), besides acquiring camping gear and beverages, one can revel in the captivating moon lake outside. The scenery is truly remarkable. Here, one can engage in conversation, dine, and savor the view simultaneously. The people of Longgang are remarkably warm and welcoming, and the children are endearing and lively. Conversing with them brought me immense joy and contentment.

Longgang boasts an array of distinctive and delectable foods and desserts that are both delicious and fresh. I extend an invitation to everyone to visit Longgang and savor these delights.

Suphamat Wanitsriphinyo. Photograph provided by DiscoverWenzhou

Suphamat Wanitsriphinyo(Yang miaofang), from Thailand, is a visiting scholar specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Wenzhou Medical University for one semester.