Longgang launches a mobile government affairs service

时间:2024-05-21 14:51:03 来源 : wenzhou.gov 作者 : ZhongXin

On May 14, Longgang City (county-level) officially introduced a“mobile government affairs service”. This marks Longgang Municipal Government Affairs Service Center’s initiative to explore the“on-demand” service model for administrative approval, aiming to establish a number of service models, including immediate service upon appointment, immediate processing at the scene, and door-to-door certificate delivery, in crucial areas like enterprise-related approvals. It serves as Wenzhou’s first fully functional intelligent government service window, integrating administrative approvals, public services and policy interpretation.

mobile government affairs service. Photograph provided by wenzhou.gov

The“mobile government affairs service” takes a bus as its main carrier, which is about 8.5 meters long, boasting an orange hue as its primary color. The bus is equipped with office facilities, including a computer, a high-speed portable document scanner, a printer, a scanning gun, an ID card photography system, a self-service document acceptance system, and a portable camera for government affairs certification. Therefore, government staff could get into Zhejiang Government Service Network to handle applications submitted by citizens in real time. This bus provides one-stop services for various public and government issues, including applying for public transportation IC cards, paying utility bills, handling real estate registrations, obtaining marriage certificates, updating household registrations, setting up individual businesses, managing social security and medical insurance, filing taxes, obtaining survey certificates, utilizing enterprise services, and accessing agency services. Additionally, it can collaborate with express delivery services to handle material distribution, providing the public with diverse and innovative convenience services.

According to a responsible official from the Longgang Municipal Affairs Service Center, since 2023, the center has introduced a“mobile government affairs service” to provide services to communities, including neighborhoods and industrial parks. It organizes 30 activities annually, serving over 3,000 individuals. This year, to align with the reform of Longgang’s“flattening government”, the“mobile government affairs service” was officially launched

On the same day, the bus visited the Longcheng Small and Micro Enterprises Pioneer Park. Government staff on the bus provided policy clarifications to address problems encountered by the companies. Li Laili, a business owner from the Park, praised the“mobile government affairs service” for efficiently resolving his issues related to the park’s business license, saving the company significant time and resources.

It is reported that in the future, the mobile government affairs service will provide“order-based” door-to-door service, and deliver the service to the grassroots twice a week, so that the public can feel more warmth and care from the government.(ZhongXin)