Lucheng Establishes owner's Committees: 818 Communities Now Have a 'Home'

时间:2024-06-19 15:38:38 来源 : DiscoverWenzhou 作者 : ZhongXin

The Wenzhou Lucheng District has provided a "home" for the homeowner committees of 818 residential communities (buildings). Recently, the Lucheng District held a conference to deepen the leadership of modern community governance through party building and to promote the high-quality development of social organizations. At the meeting, relevant departments of the Lucheng District Committee and the district government awarded the "Wenzhou Lucheng Homeowner Committee Construction Promotion Association" with a plaque.

Wenzhou Lucheng Homeowner Committee Construction Promotion Association. Photograph provided by Wenzhou News

In recent years, Lucheng has placed great emphasis on the governance of modern residential communities. Through a year of concentrated efforts, Lucheng has promoted 465 homeowner committees that were not established or overdue for re-election to carry out elections and re-elections, achieving full coverage of homeowner committees in all areas. Homeowner committees, neighborhood committees, and property service companies together form a "tripartite negotiation hall", creating a warm and comfortable home for community residents. After the establishment of the Homeowner Committee Construction Promotion Association, it has played a guiding and assisting role in the establishment of homeowner committees or the re-election of homeowner committees, completing the closed loop of the "tripartite negotiation hall" and becoming a new path for grassroots governance in Lucheng District.

Skillfully using the "tripartite negotiation hall" as the"golden key" to unlock the "thousand locks" of community governance. Zhu Yueping, the director of the homeowner committee of Shangpin Apartment, gave an example. For many years, there has been a "dispute over the wall" between Shangpin Apartment and Dushi Huayuan, which has been delayed for many years and has caused inconvenience to the residents of the two communities. After several negotiations in the "tripartite negotiation hall", the issue was finally resolved perfectly not long ago.

To further empower homeowner committees to govern communities, Lucheng has taken over and utilized more than 50,000 square meters of state-owned assets, transforming and upgrading 60,000 square meters of community space, and promoting a series of neighborhood scenes such as "neighborhood canteens","smart health stations", and "children's fun bars" throughout the region, assisting communities in completing major livelihood projects that homeowners strongly call for, such as the installation of elevators, exterior wall renovation, and underground pipeline upgrades.

The meeting also commended the top ten homeowner committees of the community and the top ten property service projects, and issued 3A or above social organization certificates for 2023. It also released the top ten practical cases of the "tripartite negotiation hall" in Lucheng District. From these cases, it can be seen that after the participation of the three parties in joint governance, the changes in the communities are very obvious.(ZhongXin)