Wenzhou unveils digital industry development plan

时间:2024-06-20 16:09:31 来源 : wenzhou.gov 作者 : ZhongXin

"Wenzhou Digital Industry Development Plan" is published recently. It is a joint research outcome by the municipal government and Zhejiang Institute of Industry and Information, aiming to foster Wenzhou’s new quality productive forces, seize new opportunities, and create strong growth in the era of digital economy.

China(Wenzhou) Data Security Hub. Photograph provided by wenzhou.gov

In the year of 2023 alone, the core industries of Wenzhou's digital economy achieved an added value of 68.92 billion yuan that accounts for 7.9% of Zhejiang’s total GDP. The two figures ranked 4th and 3rd respectively in Zhejiang. Among the enterprises, 2 have achieved an output of 5 billion yuan, 68 have reached 500 million yuan and 11 have gone public. With such economic performance, Wenzhou ranks 24th on the list of China's top 100 cities in digital economic development. The distinctive features are from the industry clusters in intelligent IoT, energy electronics, high-end software, artificial intelligence, and integrated circuits.

The Plan proposes that the added value of Wenzhou's core digital economy industries will reach 110 billion yuan by 2027. The mode of“One Hub, Five Valleys” (represented by Wenzhou Data Security Hub, Wenzhou International Cloud Software Valley and Wenzhou Intelligence Valley etc.) will become a national leading force in the digital industry development. By 2035, the total volume of Wenzhou’s digital industry is expected to reach 1 trillion yuan, making Wenzhou a significant center in the global digital industry.

In terms of strategy, Wenzhou will fully utilize the high-level industrial platforms like"One Hub, Five Valleys" to provide strong support for the future development. It will endeavor to construct a"3+5" digital industry cluster. The"3" refers to the iconic foundational industries of intelligent IoT, energy electronics, and high-end software. The“5” refers to the industries driven by new productive forces like computing power and algorithms. They include artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, metaverse, flexible electronics, and future networks.

In geographic design, a map of“One Corridor, Two Cores and Multiple Spots” will be presented."One Corridor" refers to the eastern districts of Lucheng, Longwan, Ouhai, Dongtou, Wenzhou Marine Economic Development Zone, and Yongjia County. It mainly focuses on the industries of artificial intelligence, energy electronics, high-end software, integrated circuits, intelligent IoT, metaverse, flexible electronics, and future networks. The“Two Cores” refers to 2 bases in the north and south. Yueqing, a northern core, is home to intelligent IoT, energy electronics, integrated circuits, and high-end software. Rui’an, Pingyang, and Cangnan in the south are home to high-end software and intelligent IoT.“Multiple Spots” refers to various areas of Wenzhou. A range of digital related industries will be promoted, including intelligent & fashionable industries, smart electrical appliances, intelligent connected vehicles, smart pumps & valves, smart printing & packaging machinery, smart home, intelligent & environment friendly transportation equipment, and smart instruments & meters.

To implement the Plan, Wenzhou will accelerate the construction of digital infrastructure and deepen data value reform. The 5 chains of industry, value, innovation, capital and talent will be tightly integrated. High-end resources in technology, enterprises, capital, talent, and data will be rapidly gathered to build a competitive and iconic digital industry cluster of China.(ZhongXin)