Wencheng County Actively Builds a Low-Altitude Economic Vanguard Zone

时间:2024-06-21 16:13:13 来源 : wenzhou.gov 作者 : ZhongXin

The scene in the American animation“Up” where the characters fly with balloons and search for a waterfall paradise will be realized in Wencheng County. The county is planning projects such as hot air balloon flights and viewing waterfalls from the air, focusing on the“Low-Altitude Tourism in Wencheng” brand to promote the development of the low-altitude economy. This information was revealed at the Low-Altitude Economic High-Quality Development Conference held in the county on June 13.

the Low-Altitude Economic High-Quality Development Conference. Photograph provided by wenzhou.gov

This year, Wencheng County has capitalized on its unique advantages, including clean airspace, diverse terrain, and special geographic location, to forge a new path in the development of the low-altitude economy, aiming to cultivate new consumption hot spots and build a modern industrial system.

The county will prioritize creating application scenarios as the core of developing the low-altitude economy, focusing on two key areas: cultural  tourism and emergency rescue. It will also expand into other scenarios such as social governance and intelligent logistics, aiming to lead the large-scale, commercial, and industrialized development of the low-altitude economy.In the field of cultural tourism, the county will promote the expansion of ground tourism to low-altitude tourism. This year, it plans to launch a series of aerial sightseeing and aerial photography projects and low-altitude tourism routes, including flying over Tianding Lake, viewing the Baizhangji Waterfall, traversing the canyon, and traversing the forest. Regular operations of helicopters, manned electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, and hot air balloons will also be implemented.In the field of emergency rescue, the county will develop low-altitude emergency response plans, establish a low-altitude emergency rescue security system, and set up operational mechanisms such as an aerial 110 service. It aims to create an inter-provincial drone emergency rescue center.In the field of social governance, the county will implement low-altitude surveillance to promptly identify and resolve various social issues.In the field of logistics and delivery, it will open cross-regional drone transportation routes for bayberry, and conduct urgent deliveries in remote mountainous areas, the same city, and heavy-duty transportation on construction sites.

The county will prioritize industrial cultivation as the key to developing the low-altitude economy. It will focus on attracting and cultivating aircraft testing enterprises, building an aircraft inspection service platform, and guiding enterprises to conduct testing and verification activities, aiming to attract airworthiness certification service organizations. It will also build a low-altitude industrial park, attracting and cultivating low-altitude economic service enterprises, as well as enterprises specializing in the development, manufacturing, and assembly of aircraft and their components. Within the year, it plans to complete landing sites (points) at Baizhangji waterfall, the county people's hospital, and highway service areas, and commence construction on a comprehensive low-altitude transportation hub (general aviation airport).

Focused on these initiatives, Wencheng County has devised the Implementation Plan for High-Quality Development of the Low-Altitude Economy. The objective is to establish a leading zone for exemplary low-altitude economic applications by 2026, introduce over 10 typical low-altitude application scenarios, and expand both the market size of low-altitude economic operation services and manufacturing investment to exceed 1 billion yuan each. Additionally, the county aims to open several low-altitude air routes, establish a national-level testing ground for civil unmanned aerial vehicles, and pilot exemplary applications for typical low-altitude economic scenarios. Furthermore, it strives to create an inter-provincial drone emergency rescue center.(ZhongXin)